Western Suburbs


The Inner West of Melbourne stretches from just west of the bustling Port of Melbourne, tracing along the bay’s shores and extending almost to Tullamarine Airport. This vibrant region encompasses the popular tourist destination of Williamstown, renowned for its scenic views of the CBD across the water. Yarraville with the charming and picturesque streets known for their unique character, architecture and village life.
Known for its multiculturalism, youthful population, and dynamic atmosphere, the Inner West is home to residents predominantly engaged in various industries. The community is actively involved in tourism, manufacturing, transport, and logistics, as well as retail and healthcare.




Yarraville, an inner suburb situated 6km West of Melbourne’s CBD. The heart of Yarraville Village, Anderson and Ballarat Streets paint a picturesque scene, adorned with lovingly refurbished 19th-century buildings. These charming streets are a haven for locals and visitors alike, hosting delightful neighbourhood cafes, restaurants, and shops. Yarraville is renowned in Melbourne for its unique character, architecture and quality of village life and is a true reflection of Melbourne’s multicultural nature, offering an array of world cuisines.

Serviced by excellent public transport options, an array of infrastructure projects either planned or under construction and access to schools and parkland Yarraville has a lot to offer.



Williamstown, a suburb situated 11km south-west of Melbourne’s CBD. Known for its rich maritime history, Williamstown has now developed into a fashionable maritime village. Victorian era buildings that have been beautifully restored, gorgeous alfresco dining options scattered throughout with over 100 restaurants on offer, a handful of pubs and bars and galleries.

Housing in Williamstown consists of predominantly Victorian cottages set amongst tree-lined street, whilst larger more moderns homes can be found along the water’s edge.



Footscray, an inner suburb situated 5km west of Melbourne’s CBD. Characterised by a very diverse, multicultural central shopping area it reflects the successive waves of immigration experienced by Melbourne and Footscray in particular. Proximity to the city and affordable properties have caught the eye of professionals seeking a short trip home after a long day in the office.

Public transport access and connections to the rest of Melbourne is plentiful whether your mode of transport be train, tram or bus or car Footscray has it all. Surrounded by some highly sought after suburbs like Yarraville and Seddon there is plenty of entertainment options for you.

Offering highly sought after period era homes along with plentiful other options, Footscray really does have something for every budget.