Vendor Advocacy


A Vendor Advocate from Cercle Property will work tirelessly on your behalf, streamlining the process of preparing your property for sale, providing valuable insights into its value and the local market dynamics, and carefully selecting and overseeing the most suitable real estate agent for your needs. Our goal, as your advocate, is to alleviate the stress associated with selling your property and to achieve the optimal sale price.

And here’s the kicker: Our clients don’t have to worry about paying any fees directly to Cercle Property.


We walk you through the intricacies of our service and demonstrate how you can optimize your selling price. Should you decide to move forward, we arrange an in-person meeting to discuss how our service can enhance value and safeguard your interests throughout the sales process.


We identify the top-tier agents in your selected suburb and specifically target those who are most active in dealing with properties similar to yours. Subsequently, we assess each agent’s success rate to guarantee that your property is sold within the average days on the market for optimal results.


We invite three agents to conduct a one hour in-depth face to face interview to determine the best candidate, we do not send a questionnaire to be filled via email.

You have the choice to be involved with any or all of this process. It is important you feel comfortable working with this agent on your property.


We negotiate the agents’ fee and marketing costs and plan for face to face meetings, book the open inspection times, confirm advertising copy and marketing. We negotiate the best settlement and selling terms and keep the agent accountable to ensure you achieve the best market price.

Area Specialists



In Melbourne’s southern beachside suburbs, there is high demand from buyers, often leading to properties selling significantly above their estimated ranges…



Eastern Suburbs

The suburbs along the eastern side of Melbourne provide unparalleled access to the city and its surroundings. This region offers exceptional educational facilities…



Western Suburbs

The Inner West of Melbourne stretches from just west of the bustling Port of Melbourne, tracing along the bay’s shores and extending almost to Tullamarine Airport…



Northern Suburbs

Melbourne’s inner north stands out as a dynamic and culturally rich enclave, boasting several iconic landmarks that contribute to the city’s vibrant character…



Southern Eastern Suburbs

The real estate landscape in Melbourne’s inner south-east has witnessed robust growth in recent years, resulting in heightened competition for access…




The Mornington Peninsula exudes a truly magical allure, owing to its proximity and easy accessibility from Melbourne, as well as its breathtaking coastal and country landscapes…