What is a buyers advocate?

A buyer’s advocate, also known as a buyer’s agent, is a real estate specialist enlisted by a potential property buyer to investigate, assess, and manage
negotiations for the purchase of a property on the buyer’s behalf. Unlike a traditional real estate agent who represents the seller’s interests in securing the best price for their property, a buyer’s agent works exclusively to secure the best possible price and terms for the prospective buyer.


Is a buyers advocate worth it?

The longer you take to search for a property, the higher property prices are likely to rise. Engaging a buyer’s advocate accelerates the buying process, enabling you to enter the market sooner and capitalise on greater potential for growth in your investment.


How much does a buyers advocate cost?

At Cercle Property, we provide a complimentary 30-minute discovery session where we delve into your property requirements and explore how we can collaborate to fulfill them. Should you decide to proceed following this session, we customize a package designed specifically to align with your budget and objectives.


Why use a buyers advocate ?

While the average home buyer typically spends in excess of 6 months searching for and buying a property, Cercle Property streamline’s this process. We expedite the journey by conducting thorough research and investigation to pinpoint properties that perfectly match your needs. With our expert knowledge of the Melbourne market, our buyer’s agents leverage our extensive network to access properties both on market, pre-market and off market, ensuring we find you the ideal fit swiftly and efficiently.


How do you find off-market properties?

A significant part of our work revolves around cultivating and nurturing relationships with real estate agents and expanding our networks.

This practice yields numerous benefits not usually accessible to the general public, particularly concerning off-market properties. We proactively inquire with agents regarding properties that align with specific criteria or receive early notifications before public listings.

Moreover, beyond agent connections, we often gain access to properties directly from sellers through channels such as social media and targeted letterbox
campaigns. This multifaceted approach ensures we have a comprehensive reach to uncover the best opportunities for our clients.


Why use a property manager?

Engaging a property manager for your investment property is crucial as they oversee the leasing, rental, and ongoing tenant relationships. Managing an investment property demands time and effort, making it essential to fulfill landlord obligations, handle financial matters, stay abreast of legislation, and uphold positive tenant relationships. By partnering with Cercle Property, our expert property managers efficiently navigate the complexities of property management, ensuring seamless oversight of your investment property.


What do our property managers offer you?

A Property Manager in Melbourne assumes responsibility for overseeing the rental providers property concerning leasing, management, and tenant relations. Typically, their duties encompass:

  1. Evaluating rental value through area surveys.
  2. Leasing the property as per the landlord’s instructions.
  3. Reviewing tenancy applications and offering recommendations.
  4. Conducting an initial condition report of the property.
  5. Managing the submission of the bond to the Residential Tenancies Bond
  6. Welcoming tenants, providing keys and access equipment, and explaining
    rules and conditions.
  7. Assisting tenants with utility and service connections.
  8. Addressing tenant queries, including maintenance requests.
  9. Collecting periodic rent and disbursing it to the landlord after deducting expenses.
  10. Conducting routine inspections of the property and reporting findings to the landlord.
  11. Arranging a final inspection and assessing the property’s condition.
  12. Collecting keys from tenants and coordinating the bond refund.
  13. Providing a financial summary at the end of the fiscal year.


What does a vendor advocate do?

A vendor advocate will act on your behalf to prepare your property for sale, educate you on your property’s value and the local market as well as
choose and manage the best real estate agent for your property. As your vendor advocate, our aim is to take the angst out of selling your property
and to secure the highest possible sale price.


How much does a vendor advocate cost?

There are no fees payable directly to your vendor advocate. A vendor advocate shares the standard sales commission with the appointed selling agent.


What's the difference between a vendor advocate and a buyer advocate?

Our vendor advocate is dedicated to supporting you throughout the selling process, ensuring you achieve the optimal price and terms for your property sale. Similarly, our buyer advocate is committed to assisting you in finding and purchasing a property that aligns with your budget and preferences, securing the best possible terms for you as the buyer.


What's the difference between a vendor advocate and a real estate agent?

A vendor advocate is your invaluable resource for navigating the complexities of selling your property, offering insights and guidance on crucial questions such as:

  • Auction or private sale: Which is the better option for your property?
  • Advertising strategies: What approaches will best showcase your property to potential buyers?
  • Real estate agent commission: What is a fair and reasonable rate for your circumstances?
  • Pricing expectations: Are your property’s price expectations aligned with the current market trends?
  • Property presentation: How can you optimize your property’s presentation to maximize its appeal?
  • Negotiation management: How should you handle negotiations effectively on the day of the sale?

Moreover, our vendor advocate will assist you in selecting the most suitable real estate agent for your property. Once appointed, the real estate agent will take charge of the actual sales process, managing tasks such as marketing, conducting open for inspections, and overseeing auctions. While the real estate agent engages with both the vendor and the buyer, the vendor’s advocate remains dedicated solely to representing the vendor’s interests throughout the entire process.