In Melbourne’s southern beachside suburbs, there is high demand from buyers, often leading to properties selling significantly above their estimated ranges. This is fueled by the intense competition amongst buyers. Collaborating with a buyers advocate guarantees a clear understanding of the genuine value. With their expertise, you can avoid common purchasing mistakes, make informed decisions about when to withdraw from the negotiations and secure a high-quality property.



Albert Park

Albert Park, situated just 4km south of Melbourne’s CBD. Named after the expansive Albert Park, a lakeside urban park within the City of Port Phillip. Stretching from the St Vincent Gardens to Beaconsfield Parade and Mills Street, Albert Park evolved as a residential extension of South Melbourne. Its distinctive features include broad streets, heritage structures, terraced houses, outdoor cafes, parks, and noteworthy clusters of mature exotic trees.

Albert Park presents a distinctive blend of bayside living within a city-side locale, making it particularly attractive to professionals working in the CBD, retirees seeking a tranquil setting, and even young families looking for a unique residential experience.



Brighton, situated just 11km south of Melbourne’s CBD and home to some of Melbourne’s most renowned homes, characterized by their grandeur and often boasting scenic ocean views. Alongside these larger, stately homes, the suburb offers a variety of slightly smaller family residences, contemporary townhouses, and apartments, catering to the dynamic needs of the evolving real estate market.

For many, the primary motivation for choosing Brighton is its vibrant lifestyle. Finding joy in cycling or strolling along the beach, complemented by leisurely brunches and shopping at the numerous boutiques lining Church Street. Brighton becomes more than just a location; it transforms into a lifelong haven for families. This spans across generations, attracting young families seeking a vibrant community through to downsizers.



Elwood, positioned 8 km south-east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. The suburb is renowned for its architectural diversity, featuring a charming mix of Edwardian and Interwar styles.

Elwood exudes a laid-back pace, influenced by a tight-knit community, proximity to the beach, tranquil winding streets, bike paths, and the presence of the Elwood canal. This unique combination contributes to the neighbourhood’s charm and fosters a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.


South Melbourne

South Melbourne, an inner suburb situated 3 km south of Melbourne’s CBD. South Melbourne presents a distinctive blend of a cosy lifestyle, just moments away from the beach, city, and vibrant retail offerings. The neighbourhood boasts an amazing food scene, highlighted by South Melbourne Market and a plethora of bustling cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

Housing in the area is diverse, ranging from spectacular Victorian double-story terraces to modern apartment developments and high-rise public housing towers. This variety contributes to the neighbourhood’s dynamic character, accommodating a wide range of preferences and lifestyles.