Property Management


The Rental Provider Journey

Effectively managing an investment property and its tenancy involves numerous components, creating a complex and multifaceted process. With the increasing regulations in our industry, it’s crucial for landlords to collaborate with knowledgeable professionals to reap distinct benefits, saving time, money, and avoiding unnecessary hassle.

Cercle Property’s management process is meticulously crafted to yield positive, long-term outcomes for both landlords and tenants. We offer unwavering support, comprehensive training, and valuable resources at each stage, ensuring consistency in our services and minimizing risks for our clients.

Collaborating with your property manager guarantees that everyone engaged in the process is well-informed about what to expect and the anticipated timelines, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for all our customers.

If you’re keen on delving deeper and wish to encounter the distinctive advantages of Cercle Property.

Setting The Rental Price

We dive into a thorough research process, comparing similar properties recently rented in the area. This helps us give you an honest assessment of what your investment could fetch in rental value.

Marketing Your Property

Tenants will have an endless number of properties to select from with only a limited amount of time to inspect and make their final choice.
You want to ensure your listing is at its most attractive to entice the highest amount of interest from prospecting tenants.
We market your home on the following platforms:


Tenant Selection

It’s not always an easy task to select the right tenant. We have a stringent checklist we use to ascertain the best tenant for your investment:

  • Complete a tenant history check to check rental history of your prospective tenant. You can check house rentals for backlisted tenants via a national database check that we can help with. 
  • Get a character reference from a landlord. 
  • Get a personal reference for the rental application.

  • Check employment details and the affordability of the rent compared to their wages. 
  • Assess if you need a guarantor. 
  • Have a documented lease agreement signed by both parties.  Consider if your rental agreement needs any additional clauses, such as obligations to maintain gardens or professional clean upon vacating.

Tenancy Agreement & Bond

Each tenant must sign a tenancy agreement and present one month’s bond upon approval for a rental property ensuring.

Rent Collection

Our technology partner Kolmeo invests heavily in providing service much like we do. Utilising multiple facets to collect your rent including BPay, Direct Debit or pay directly using the tenant app.
Rents are instantly processed and paid directly to you minus any outstanding invoices and fees.
No more having to wait for the agency to process payment to you.


We conduct regular inspection of your property are designed to ensure that rental properties are well-maintained and comply with safety and health standards.
During a routine inspection, the property manager will assess the condition of the property, both internally and externally.
This includes checking for any maintenance issues, damage, or potential hazards. Additionally, they may verify that the tenant is complying with the terms of the lease agreement, such as maintaining cleanliness and reporting any maintenance issues promptly.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our team of trained tradespeople will attend to all maintenance and repairs as needed all along keeping you well informed of the process and the outcome.

End Of Tenancy

Once a renter has provided your Property Manager with their notice to vacate the property, your Cercle Property Manager will consult you about the process to re-letting the property.
This may include advertising and showing prospective tenants through.
Additionally, an end of tenancy inspection is undertaken to ensure that the property has been returned to the condition it was presented to them in upon starting the tenancy.

Legislative Compliance

We have partnered with Detector Inspector, Australia’s leading provider of residential safety and compliance services.
Allowing you to ensure you meet your obligations as a rental provider.