We are a full service

Property Agency

Cercle Property is a Melbourne-based boutique property agency offering comprehensive services to clients seeking expert guidance in the real estate market. From buyers advocacy to property management, vendor advocacy, property development, and commercial advocacy, Cercle Property’s team of experienced professionals provides tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.


Our Services

We’re a purpose built property business. Our aim is and has always been to offer our buyers, landlords and sellers the opportunity to make more informed and financially rewarding decisions that will pave the path to building your future through property.

Buyer Advocacy

Purchasing a property stands as one of the most significant emotional and financial decisions you’ll encounter in your lifetime.

Vendor Advocacy

A Vendor Advocate from Cercle Property will work tirelessly on your behalf, streamlining the process of preparing your property for sale.

Property Management

Cercle Property, a purpose-built creative property agency, specialises in the management of Melbourne homes and investments.

Project Management

A dedicated and seasoned consultant from Cercle Projects holds the key to ensuring property improvements are executed successfully.

Area Specialists



In Melbourne’s southern beachside suburbs, there is high demand from buyers, often leading to properties selling significantly above their estimated ranges…



Eastern Suburbs

The suburbs along the eastern side of Melbourne provide unparalleled access to the city and its surroundings. This region offers exceptional educational facilities…



Western Suburbs

The Inner West of Melbourne stretches from just west of the bustling Port of Melbourne, tracing along the bay’s shores and extending almost to Tullamarine Airport…



Northern Suburbs

Melbourne’s inner north stands out as a dynamic and culturally rich enclave, boasting several iconic landmarks that contribute to the city’s vibrant character…



Southern Eastern Suburbs

The real estate landscape in Melbourne’s inner south-east has witnessed robust growth in recent years, resulting in heightened competition for access…




The Mornington Peninsula exudes a truly magical allure, owing to its proximity and easy accessibility from Melbourne, as well as its breathtaking coastal and country landscapes…